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Mid 1998 - 1999


           (Ara Haran/Freya Tauron)

            (Rourke Mithrilheart)

            (Kylock Garon)

            (Carlin Cannabas)

            r (Dash McGavin)

            (Sir Richard Delecios)

            NPC (Aemon/Lord Luc)

            Probably the most well known of any campaign played yet, the Sunsetters had a huge impact on the politics, economy and religion on the world of Terran, not to mention that no group of adventurers could play without feeling their effects in one way or another. No quick story could possibly cover everything that was done and accomplished with this group. This particular summary is based on the adventuring notes from Josh’s character, Rourke Mithrilheart. I have also added a few points from the DM’s perspective.

            On the technical aspect, the Sunsetters were played in 2nd edition rules with the Player’s Options rule books. They played primarily on Terran, though they journeyed to several other worlds including Faerun, Thallen and Stanul (the non-magic planet). They also traveled regularly through the multiverse, exploring all planes of existence. We used Spelljammer and Planescapes campaign rules regularly.

- Campaign Synopsis -