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Founded 1304 AE

            The Sunsetters came together over a period of several years. It all began when their homeland, the Western Isles, were invaded by an army of ogres. The assault wiped out the North Isle, home of Kylock, Ara, Sir Delecios, and Dash. Rourke’s home, West Isle, was also under siege. Carlin’s home, Darble Anvil of South Isle, was destroyed by a marauding red dragon during the same time period. Also, gnomes were being abducted from all over the isles, and the government of the Western Isles was fighting amongst itself as to what should be done.

            With the high council of the Western Isles caught in argument and bickering on how to resolve the situation, refugees of the north were open prey for the ogre army. Thousands of refugees were raped and killed on northern isle, while the council stagnated. The Northern Isles army was all but destroyed and only one city had yet to feel the might of the Ogre army, Southtide. This was where all the refugees of north isle were running to, and where Carlin and Rourke traveled to on a secret scouting mission from the elves and dwarves of the High Council.

            Ara Haran was a descendant of a long line of elven kings and queens, and her heritage shone through in this time of crisis. Upon her arrival to Springtide she began organizing an escape route for refugees to the Southern Isle. Then she began building a resistance force. It was then that it the devastation of the northern army was truly realized. Only a small personal force of the local lord was still in commission, and he refused to allow that small force to do any thing but protect him. At this point Dash McGavin and Sir Richard Delecios arrived from the military outpost of Bastion, with rumors of its imminent destruction and desperate need for reinforcements. Obviously no reinforcements were available save for the lord’s personal force. This is where our group came together.

            Ara Haran with her self appointed bodyguard Aemon, and fellow elven refugee and friend, Kylock Garon were at the lords estate trying to gain entrance when Rourke and Carlin arrived at the same place looking to meet with the lord with news from the south and also Dash and Sir Delecios arrived from Bastion with a request for reinforcements. The selfish, cowardly lord refused entrance to all of them, hiding in his keep. Not to be deterred, the honorable Sir Delecios made an appeal to the guards of the lord, and a small rebellion broke out. Some of the guards were persuaded by the charismatic paladin, and they left the lord with only a handful of guards and joined Sir Delecios to offer aid to fleeing refugees in the north and to try and reinforce the last known standing military outpost, Bastion.

            The companions also met at this point. Ara with her bodyguard, Aemon, and her mischievous friend Kylock, met with Dash and Sir Delecios as they were persuading the lord’s soldiers to fight with them, and also Carlin and Rourke, who were there to scout. Ara decided to join with Sir Delecios to help refugees, and Aemon and Kylock followed her. Carlin and Rourke split up, Carlin joining with Richard and Ara. Rourke and Dash decided to escort many refugees south and report to the elven and dwarven Council members, and also attempt to convince the humans and gnomes on a course of action. And so the group split up, the majority of them traveled north to Bastion, in an attempt to slow down the ogre army, and Dash and Rourke traveled south to South Isle to speak to the Council.

            Sir Richard Delecios, Ara Haran, Aemon, Carlin Darble, and Kylock Garon, traveled with what tiny military they could gather from the city of Springtide north to the beleaguered outpost, Bastion. Their military consisted of the two score guards obtained from the lordling of Southtide, and the dozen elven warriors who were all that remained of the once proud 200 archers of Turquoise Waters, Ara’s hometown. One advantage to the small force was that they traveled quickly; covering thirty five miles in only the first day they reached the abandoned village of Goldleaf, where they first encountered the scouts of the ogre army. A small skirmish took place, and the two ogres were dispatched, but four of the humans from the lord’s guard were also lost. Two to one odds were not bad when fighting ogres, but all knew that the ogres outnumbered them, and they would need to do much better. The second day brought them another thirty five miles and only 5 miles away from Bastion, but it was there they stopped, because as they reached sundown, they also reached the remaining fleeing force of Bastion. Once five hundred strong, the force was reduced to only 6 score, and they had fled with their lord when Bastions gates were breached and the ogres overran the walls of Bastion Keep. This had happened only three hours ago. Richard and Lord Luc of Bastion joined their forces and with the aid of Ara, Aemon, Kylock and Carlin, they made a plan to slow and harry the ogre army as much as possible. This would give the people of Springtide more time to flee, and also give the Council more time to plan.

            They started off that night with a sneak attack on the ogres at Bastion, and they continued attacking every day and every night until the ogres reached Springtide. The journey they had made in two days to Bastion, they turned into ten days of hell for the ogres. With only 8 score humans and a dozen elven archers, they killed at least two hundred ogres and injured ten times that many, but that left over half the ogre army untouched. And their attacks were not without cost. Almost half the humans were killed in raids, or simply died from small injuries combined with exhaustion and lack of proper food. Two of the elves were lost as well.

            They reached Springtide just hours ahead of the ogre army, to find the city nearly deserted. They had done what they had needed to do, they had delayed the ogres long enough to let the people escape. But they had also sealed their own dooms. They were caught between the ogres and the ocean, with no boats left for them to flee on. After a discussion with his comrades, Sir Delecios gave a rousing speech to the remaining men that though they knew none would survive, they would make the ogres pay dearly for this victory.

            They made their stand at the lord’s keep, they watched as the ogres marched into the abandoned city of Springtide, watched as over four thousand ogres pillaged and burned the city around them, until only the lord’s keep stood, surrounded by a sea of ogres. Night fell slowly, the embers of burning buildings filling the darkness with a disturbing beauty. Screams from unfortunates who had thought to hide echoed through the darkness as the ogres prepared those unlucky souls for their cook pots. All the bedraggled humans and elves could do was listen. Listen and wait. An hour passed, and darkness became full, only a sliver of the moon was out, and only the fires of the city gave off light. Then a horn cry split the night, and then the chaos began.

 They should not have been able to last an hour against such odds, but they did. And they lasted another, and another. But eventually they were pushed back from the keeps walls, into the main keep building itself. But not an inch did they give to the ogres before it was drenched in blood. Into the main keep they were forced, but they fought as heroes, all of them, from the lowliest camp cook, to the great Sir Delecios and the graceful Ara Haran. Then dawn came, and they still fought, the ogres gave no reprieve. They climbed over the bodies of the dead, ogre and human and elven, to get at what remained of the survivors, but those survivors did not quit, they would fight until they could no longer. They held another hour, and another. It was now past midday and the sun was beginning its slow decline towards the horizon. But now the ogres seemed to fight with an increased fury, they came at them with twice the ferociousness, but there was something in their eyes. Something like… fear. A horn sounded, and another. And the heroes heard them and recognized them. These were no ogre horns; they were human, and elven and dwarven. But there were still hundreds of ogres, and only thirty remained of the defenders of the keep, but now they knew hope, and they also began to fight with a new fury. So they fought. They fought as the sun continued its decline, they fought until sunset. Then, as the sun finally reached its final destination, with only a few still standing, Luc, Ara, Richard, Aemon, Kylock and Carlin, and only two other elves and five other humans, then did the force lead by Rourke Mithrilheart with Dash McGavin at his side reach them. All were injured, grievously so, but they stood and watched as the remaining ogres fled. It would from then on be known as the Battle of Sunset, and the heroes of the battle became known as The Sunsetters.

            The Battle of Sunset cleared the Northern Isle of ogres, save for a few rogue bands, and so the remaining military returned to their ships, with the heroes, and traveled to the other isles. They arrived just in time to save what was left of the forces of East Isle, relieving the beleaguered humans. Then they sailed to relieve the siege on the dwarves of West Isle. With few casualties, thanks to the rally of the Mithril Anvil dwarves, the army then returned to South Isle to confront the council. When they returned the heroes found the council still caught in angry debate. Though the ogre threat had been lifted, many gnomes were still missing, and Dagnalok the dragon was still raiding South Isles towns. The Sunsetters split up again, with Dash and Rourke again working to get the council to work together, and hopefully discover the mystery of the missing gnomes, and the rest traveled across South Isle to confront the wyrm.

            After a weeks journey across the isle, the heroes found themselves at one of the dragon, Dagnalok’s,  previous targets, Carlin’s home, Darble Anvil. Once a small dwarven mining community, it was now the site of what appeared to be a gnomish slave force, under the watch of many ogres. It appeared now as though there was no coincidence between Dagnalok’s attacks and the ogre invasion. The heroes then spent several days watching the slave mines to gather what information they could. What they found surpassed any treachery they could have imagined. First, they discovered Dagnalok could shift into the form of a human female, a form she used to communicate with none other than High councilman Torean, or, as he was called by Dagnalok and her ogres, Asmodean. The heroes knew they needed to expose the traitor, but they also needed to help the gnomish prisoners. They decided the gnomes were a more immediate need, and so they planned an attack while Dagnalok was out hunting. They entered the slave camp with stealth, and the veterans of the ogre war decimated most of the ogre force before the ogres even knew they were there. After that, the battle was swift, the outcome a forgone conclusion. They then planned a warm welcome for Dagnalok. When she returned later the next day, she returned to an army of angry gnomes, an army of gnomes who had had a full day to construct a dozen ballistas. Dagnalok was struck several times in her unwariness, but she was a mighty wyrm, and her anger and strength were great. Many gnomes died that day, before Dagnalok was injured to the point of fleeing. But The Sunsetters had no intention of letting her get away. Just as the dragons fear outweighed her anger, and she turned to flee, four ballistas kept in reserve were called out by Sir Delecios. Though only one of the four bolts hit, it tore a wide rip in the membrane of one of Dagnalok’s wings. She was grounded. Then the Sunsetter’s led the attack on the wounded beast. When all was said and done, all were injured, but Dagnalok the Red was vanquished, and the mystery of the gnomes solved. The group then returned to accuse “Torean” of treason. It didn’t take much, with the testimony of the many gnomes who were victims of Asmodean’s schemes. Asmodean fled, with the help of a few of his remaining ogre allies.

            This left the government of the Western Isles in shambles. The elven and dwarven councilors began making a call for sovereignty, and the humans lacked a leader. Under all the confusion, a few of the Sunsetter’s got together and decided that they would hunt down Asmodean to bring him to justice. This small group consisted of Ara Haran, who snuck out from her bodyguard Aemon, Kylock Garon, Sir Delecios and Carlin Cannabis. They hunted Asmodean all over the Isles, and then found his trail leading to the mainland of Eiredos. There they followed him, chasing rumors over many months and journeying all over the continent. These journeys led them to many an adventure, including traveling under the ocean to a dark shrine, where they found out that Asmodean had made a pact with a dark god to increase his power, amidst the ruins of an ancient Zokaran keep which was once a floating citadel, but now lay at the bottom of the ocean. Also they found themselves caught up in the politics of the Five Nations, where they eventually followed the trail of Asmodean across the lands known only as the Wild Lands, a barrier of hundreds of miles of wilderness filled with evil creatures left over from the time of the Zokaran Wars. Into the Wild Lands they went, a place where few had entered and returned alive. It was here that Rourke (on his new mount, the subterranean lizard, Flagg), Dash and Aemon caught up with the other four, relying on Aemon’s woodland lore to track them into the Wild Lands. They had been sent by the council to find them and aid them, though Aemon had a private quest of his own given to him by the elven councilors. It appeared that he was sent to retrieve Ara Haran, last descendant of elven royalty, to be crowned queen of a new elven monarchy. It came out then that the council had split upon racial lines. Each race claiming an island of its own, the government of the western isles had fallen.

            South Isle was claimed by the humans, West by the dwarves and East by the gnomes. The elves chose Northern Isle for their own, but no longer did the elven people trust the councilors, and so Taristra and Yurion (the two elven councilors and also spellweavers) decided to revive the elven monarchy, placing the only known living royalty on the throne, and then taking the positions of councilors of the queen. It just so happened that the only known royalty was none other than Ara, a very young and politically inexperienced elven maid, but she knew immediately that the councilors only wanted a puppet queen they could control, and she wanted none of it. She refused the summons given her by Aemon, and so there was nothing he could do but follow and protect her, and convince here that she was needed. And so the quest for justice continued, with the three veteran Sunsetters added to their force, they were again complete. Rourke brought with him information gained in the libraries of Cunaxa, information about an ancient evil artifact employed by the generals of Zokara which was last used near the ruins of Zokara’s capitol city Olympia, located in the middle of the Wild Lands. This artifact was known as the necromancer’s stone, and they all knew that it must be Asmodean's goal. Across the Wild Lands they traveled, fighting many a beast. One such beast included a maedar, male of the medusa race, in his den. The cave was riddled with glyphs and runes, the group marked where it was, vowing to return for future study, then continued on. Finally the found themselves climbing the ancient volcano of Olympia, and in its caldera, were the pristine ruins of an ancient city. They searched the ruins and found one building guarded by powerful magics. Dash dispelled the barriers, and they entered the building, only to find it the prison of a lich. A fierce battle ensued, ended when the lich was looming over Ara, and sparked an inner fury of her bodyguard, who sprung into a frenzy of action, his blade striking a dozen times and shattering the skull of the lich. As the group sat in a stunned silence, looking at the dusted corpse of the undead wizard, they noticed a black sapphire, the size of a chicken’s egg, lying in the shards of the broken skull. As Dash stepped forward to examine it, a shadow detached itself from the wall, suddenly becoming corporeal, and snatched the stone from where it lay, then becoming incorporeal again. A ghostly voice then spoke from the shadow, “Thank you, fools, for delivering unto me the necromancer’s stone, I could not have done it without you. Feel free to continue following me, I appreciate the help.” And then the shadow vanished. Another silence fell upon the group, this one much more uncomfortable than the last.

            And so the defeated party traveled back to Cunaxa, to re-plan and regroup. Aemon continued to attempt to convince Ara to pick up the mantle of queen, though she continued to refuse, not wanting to be a puppet ruler. The others all wanted to return to the isles, to help rebuild, or to continue after Asmodean. While recuperating in Cunaxa, Dash, while stumbling around in the library, stumbled across something he felt would meet everyone’s desires. A place called the Death Maze, located south of the Five Nations, in a city of wizards called Freeset. The Death Maze was a magical labyrinth of dangers, but at the end was a wishing well, where any wish you made would come true. He told the others of his find, and almost all of them thought it a great plan, for they were all great adventurers, and they all had great needs. All agreed save Aemon and Sir Delecios. Aemon disagreed because of the danger to the last elven noble, Sir Delecios because of the ill omened name, “Death Maze”. Delecios’ fears were calmed by the ever glib Kylock, who explained to the paladin of luck that Dash had mispronounced the name of the Maze, the proper phonetics being Dee-Awth Maze, which Kylock explained, meant “luck” in an ancient dialect of elven. This was enough to convince Sir Delecios, as well as all the good things he felt he could do with the power of a wish. Aemon was forced to follow along, due to the fact that Ara was going, and so the group traveled back to the Five Nations, and beyond to Freeset. While in the Five Nations, they were once again caught up in the local politics, because as they were traveling through, they found the area to be at the brink of all out war. The group was instrumental in averting all out war and also in helping the Nations choose a single ruler, who would become Empress of all the Five Nations. She would also become the love of Sir Richard Delecios’ life. Richard was forced to leave his new found romance, though, as the group continued on to Freeset. Here they found the entrance to the De-ath Maze, where they entered and began the trial of their lives. They went through riddles and puzzles, death traps and battles, oceans of acid, a combat with their own mirror images, traveling across a field when they were shrunk to the size of an ant, and many other challenges. After months in the maze, they finally completed the final trials, and were granted their wishes.

            Carlin wished for a magic carpet, a wish he had had since childhood. Dash McGavin wished for knowledge. Sir Richard Delecios wished for the floating citadel they had found while traveling beneath the ocean. Aemon wished for Ara to see the need the elven people had for her. Ara, now understanding what was needed of her, wished for enough gold to found the new elven nation, which she would build on North Isle, and name Elvaris. Kylock, perhaps influenced by Ara, wished for this new elven nation to have the greatest library in the world, built in a massive crystal tower in the center of Elvaris, where Bastion once stood. Last to wish was Rourke Mithrilheart. A priest of war, he wished to become what he perceived to be a larger, stronger, greater version of a dwarf, he wished to become a firbolg.

            All of the wishes were granted, but now the group needed to deal with the consequences of their wishes. Carlin’s wish had few consequences, save for the need of a little more self control. Aemon’s wish, and therefore Ara’s and Kylock’s, had a huge impact on the Sunsetters. Ara gave up her quest for vengeance and moved back to the Western Isles, where she founded Elvaris with the money she had gained. Aemon continued on as her bodyguard. Kylock joined the two, returning with them to help establish the fledgling elven nation. He helped to maintain the elven library, and also founded the elven intelligence network. Dash returned to the Western Isles as well, helping the recovery effort. He chose to live on south isle with the humans, and helped the hero from the war, Lord Luc; establish a government for the humans. South isle became known as Lucrecia, and Dash McGavin became court mage, and personal advisor of Luc. Dash also helped to keep open relations between Elvaris and Lucrecia. Carlin traveled all over the world, eventually returning to a life of danger in the Wild Lands, making his home in the abandoned Maedar cave. He also began his own cult like lifestyle, building a harem of multiracial women, and living off of body enhancing drugs supplied to him from Kylock Garon. Richard Delecios helped his companions to get settled into their calmer lives, and helped the government of Lucrecia, as well as helped the gnomish refugees recover from their ordeal. In the end though, his heart called him back to the Empire of the Five Nations, where his Lady reigned in an unsure political environment. He took his great floating citadel to the great star lake, center of the Five Nations, where he landed it. He eventually married the empress, and co-ruled the empire, now known as the Empire of Estar. Rourke's wish perhaps had the greatest of personal consequences. Dwarves all idolize the great firbolgs, for their great stature and strength, as well as dwarf like appearance, but Rourke did not realize that a firbolg’s personality is very different from that of a militant minded dwarf. They are peaceful nature lovers, more at home in woodland forests than in the underground dwarven mines, and they are flamboyant and reckless practical jokesters, very different from the pragmatic and militant minded dwarves whom Rourke had epitomized. Rourke first returned to his mountain home, where he spent time with his family and his bride to be, and while he was there his dwarven kin accidentally mined too deep and opened a passage to the underdark. The Sunsetter’s reunited for a short journey into the underdark to defeat a deep dragon that had attacked the dwarven mines, and they also made an alliance with a svirfneblin (underdark gnome) city. But the reunion was short lived, and all went their separate ways again. Rourke found he could no longer live his old life as the changes in his personality were just too great. He called off his marriage and went into seclusion. Dealing with his personal breakdown, when he returned to his comrades, years later, he was a changed man. He had given up his dedication to the arts and religion of war craft and had devoted himself to nature, becoming a great druid, and definitely a practical jokester.

            This was perhaps the end of what most would call the adventuring days of the Sunsetters, but they still did much to impact the world in their years of “retirement”. Asmodean was still at large in the world, though it was now known he was ruling, with the power of the necromancer’s stone, in Thallasia. Dash, Richard and Ara never traveled with the Sunsetter’s again, all were caught up in the responsibilities of ruling nations. Kylock became an entrepreneur, creating a chain of amusement hotels, Kylock’s Resorts, which were food, music, entertainment, gambling and whatever you could do to have fun and spend all your money establishments, as well as a great source of information for the new queen, Ara Haran. He also created several merchant fleets to travel the Western Isles and the continent of Eiredos. And he built the wholesale distributing company known as Garon Industries. All these were a great source of income and intelligence for the young elven nation. They were all surprised by the lone elven messenger who arrived from across the Wild Lands looking for aid.

            Her name was Freya Tauron, daughter of a minor noble and one of many messengers sent for any aid they could obtain. She was from the ancient, and thought destroyed, nation of Sylvaris. They were under a prolonged siege from drow. They had been fighting a war with the drow for nearly three decades, but they were losing, and if aid was not obtained soon, they would be destroyed. The elves of Elvaris had thought they were the only elves left in the world, after the genocidal Zokaran Empire had nearly wiped them out over the many wars they had fought over many centuries, and they were not about to lose their newfound kin to their evil underdark cousins. Aid was sent immediately in the form of the remaining Sunsetter’s, Kylock, Carlin and Rourke, and the small remaining military of Elvaris was recalled to action and sent shortly after. This was the beginning of Freya’s traveling with the Sunsetter’s, and though many believed her to be one of the Sunsetter’s, in truth she joined the group very much after the Battle of Sunset.

            The group traveled to Sylvaris, where they helped to break the drow elven army, primarily with one ingenious battle schemed between the four of them, where they attacked the drow in the underdark, the drow’s own territory, lured them into a large cavern, where they employed some gnomish sappers to collapse the roof, above which was the great Sylvarin Lake. More than three quarters of the drow force was destroyed with only a few dozen casualties to the surface elven force. The two Elvaris spellweavers, Taristra and Yurion, then teamed up with the only remaining Sylvarin spellweaver, Nalen Ashwood, to seal the entrance to the underdark. In the aftermath of the Drow War, Sylvaris found itself weak and defenseless. Their rulers, and almost all of the royal family had died in battle or been murdered by drow assassins, and their entire spellweaver council of twelve was destroyed, save for Nalen. The ruler was a young adolescent male, Aegir, who showed potential to become a great ruler, but lacked any training or any living advisors. In the end he chose to ally himself to the almost as young queen of Elvaris, he offered to swear fealty, though she refused, saying she would help him in every way possible without any need for subservience or vows. Her kindness and the aid she truly did give were more binding than any vow ever could have been. Freya continued to travel with the Sunsetter’s, and she followed in the footsteps of Kylock, helping to build intelligence, as well as training in the arts of magic. Over the years, she became Kylock’s lover, and continued to build a rivaling intelligence network. The four continued to travel together, traveling the world, exploring other continents, and even returning to Olympia, where they found a rift to another planet, called Stanul, where the entire world was covered in an anti-magic field. Freya built her network throughout the world though, not limiting it to Eiredos, as Kylock had. She had done so to impress Kylock, to gain more of his affection, but he felt threatened, felt she was trying to take over his accomplishments, and they fought. Freya left Kylock and the Sunsetter’s were rendered again. Kylock and Carlin continued to travel together, and Kylock eventually built himself a great keep in the middle of the Great Barbarian plains, where he planned to convert the human barbarians to his own private Garon Industries labor force. Freya continued to travel the world with Rourke, but now she had an ulterior motive: to do everything Kylock did, and do it better, much better. “Hell hath no fury”, so the saying goes, and she intended to prove it. She began with Kylock’s first great accomplishment, the Great Elven Library. She founded the great Elven University, entering the political arena to get the funds necessary. She brought used her intelligence network, which was already greater than Kylock’s, to find rumors of elves throughout the world. She and Rourke discovered Elverdein, ancient elven nation on the southern continent of Elverdein, her intelligence found elven slaves in Keltesar, whom she freed and found their homeland, Tirandor. Her intelligence network followed rumors of a lone traveling elf in the Cunaxa area, this elf, Alystin Darthiir, led to the discovery of Feldar and the good surface drow of Hidden Dale. She also entered the economic scene, she found traces of addictive drugs in all of Kylock’s Resorts, drugs which were dispersed through the air to make patrons need to return, and it was explaining the dwindling economies wherever the resorts were. She reported this to all the rulers where Kylock had built his resorts, and while he tried to deal with ramifications of angry rulers, she called in favors from all the spellweavers, and had them build her a great city, just across the river from Kylock’s castle in the Great Plains. In this city she had magical gateways built to every major city in the world, and she created a huge trade city, which she called Tradewinds. It all happened nearly overnight, and a huge trade community was established before Kylock even knew it was there. It was extremely successful, and Kylock’s Garon Industries was nearly bankrupted because of it. Freya Rapidly became one of the richest people in the world, and with that money she became a strong political power. She also continued her magical studies throughout all this, and tested to become a spellweaver just mere days before Kylock, so she was his superior in the spellweaver council. She also created the singular spellweaver council, rather than multiple councils with multiple nations. (In other words, the spellweaver council consisted of all elven spellweavers, no matter which nation they originally came from.) She did this through political manipulation and extreme ingenuity, but it was all a part of an even grander scheme she had. With the spellweavers of Elvaris, Elverdien, Sylvaris, Feldar, Tirandor and Hidden dale all a singular political unit, Freya slowly unfolded her great political mind on the unsuspecting rulers, and before anyone realized what she was doing, she had all the elven rulers in the direct economical and military control of Elvaris, and more importantly, directly under Queen Ara Haran’s control. And so, it was because of Freya Tauron, now holding title of Marquise of Evereska and as well as title of Spellweaver (the equivalent of duchess in elven court), that the Elven Empire of Elvaris was formed. Freya organized yet another great act here. She, with the help of Rourke, designed the most massive mass teleport in recorded history. The entire spellweaver council pooled their abilities and completely translocated the entire island of Elvaris. They also created mirrors of the current elven nations, and attached these mirrors to the new Elvaris, and then they transplanted all the elven people to their new central location, save for a small military outpost left at the location of each capitol city. Kylock, perhaps in an attempt to regain some of his lost power and influence, began studying the gnomish arts of psionics. Freya also followed him in this, and convinced Rourke to take up the study with her. But the art of the mind requires much self discipline, and before long it helped to calm the personal war between Kylock and Freya. Though they still rarely spoke, they became once again civil to one another. Freya even allowed Kylock to open a resort in Tradewinds, drug free of course, and also employed Garon industries as a primary distributor for many of her businesses.

            Carlin was growing old and so fully retired to his harem and his cave, where he died a happy old man.

            The Emperor Richard Delecios lived into old age when he died happily in his sleep, with four children and eight grandchildren. Before he passed, he helped to stabilize the lethal politics of his adopted nation, and made it a much more peaceful home for his children.

            Dash McGavin continues on as a very old man, into his third century of life, he is known as a shrewd negotiator, wise advisor, and brilliant wizard.

            Rourke continued on in the druid circle. He built his own grove and altar on the elven isle, where he lives still.

            Freya continued in her political and economical pursuits, though she became more focused in planar studies. She is the author of one of the most renowned planar studies books in print today. She also eventually settled her wild ways and married a fellow spellweaver, a surprise to many, Morrestan Tryfire, now Morrestan Tauron, is a bladesinger spellweaver, known for his quiet and peaceful nature.

            Ara Haran also eventually married, this one no surprise, her bodyguard Aemon. The nation of Elvaris has prospered under her rule; she has brought several other groups of elves into her kingdom as well, including several aquatic elven nations and the small mountain community of Maladar, home of Nadalis. Ara also gave a place to the Council of Wyrms on the Isle of Elvaris, and has formed an alliance with the metallic dragons, as well as alliances with Lucrecia, Cunaxa, Gnome Isle, Freeset, Mithril Anvil, Carlis and Mount Tulspyr. She has also continued to build up the Elven University which led to the development of professional sports throughout her blooming nation. One of her largest accomplishments was to include Elvaris in the great Elven Alliance, an alliance of many powerful elven nations from many worlds.

            Kylock has become more and more erratic and strange, he now holes up in his keep for years at a time, brewing concoctions and studying whatever he can get his hands on.

            They all continued to watch Asmodean and Thallasia, and Freya began to take a hand against Asmodean indirectly, by hiring many adventuring parties to destroy him. She also continued to study for a way to destroy the Necromancer’s stone. This led to the discovery of the Rod of Seven Parts and the Heroes of Sundale, and the Fall of Magic.