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800 BE - 775 BE

            This Thallen based group over the years became known world wide as a force of good. Lead by the righteous Sir Lawkson, mounted upon the back of a phoenix, and gleaming in his legendary, ruby red plate mail, Potpourri traveled the world over righting wrongs and bringing justice. At least thatís what they did most of the time. They also were adventurers, always running after the smallest hint of treasure or the slightest whiff of magic. The group makeup was not cohesive, with many varying points of view, and, at least in this scholarís opinion, to many leaders to work well together.

Though it is true that the group did many great things, there is also proof of a schism in the internal makeup of Potpourri. It appears, through history texts, and archeological digs of Potpourri City, that the group was unable to work together with to many views of how to deal with issues. The largest group which formed was that of Sir Lawkson, the Fire Knight. With him went the powerful mage Marcus Tribestan, the monk Darkstar, Nonamế the priestess, the halfling rogue Alexander V, Eric Ironwood and Nomar the fighters, and Conic Strongmind, Psionic founder of the Technicolor Sashes. This group made up the foundation of the group, and also built Potpourri City. Another group, led by Trilthanas Highwing the elven windrider, and made up of the elven druid Anya, and the ranger Lance, made a separate base of operations in the forest east of Potpourri City. The gypsy bard Eretria was the only one who appeared to travel often between the two groups.

Though the group of Potpourri did many great things, including saving several small towns from the ravages of a red dragon, saving a group of phoenixes (and earning the respect of one, this leading to Sir Lawkson's mount and companion phoenix), finding the artifact suit of armor Firemail, as well as founding Potpourri City with the Technicolor Sashes, and the Trilthanas outpost, none of these accomplishments had lasting impact. The entire group, save one, either died or traveled on to the blessed isle. Without the leadership of Sir Lawkson and Trilthanas Highwing, the cities they had built slowly fell to corruption. Also, the city was isolated in an unpopulated area, and it slowly dwindled without trade, until it was nothing more than a have for thieves and lairing beasts. The Trilthanas outpost is still held by Elvendar, but it lacks any political significance, only a historical one. The armor held by Sir Lawkson was lost, though many attempts have been made to find its whereabouts.

But there is one still remaining of this legendary group of heroes, and his story continues. The great mage and sometime priest of Mystra, Marcus Tribestan. A human who has cheated death over the centuries and still appears a slender man in his middle years, Marcus continued on in his crusade of good on the planet of Thallen, working with Arianna Liege helping to build the elven nation of Falindar and then teaming up with renown wizards Kazim Diamondfist and Mystique DeíWinter to form the group popularly known as The Lords of Magic.