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1993 - 1994


          (Sir Lawkson)

           (Trilthanas Highwing)


            (Conic Strongmind)


            (Normar the Lordar)

           (Anya Rainstar O’Riley)


            (Marcus Tribestan)

            (Alexander Essex Von Psycherstein V)

            (Eric Ironwood)

            (Lance Silversetter)

            Potpourri got its name from the eclectic and random group of characters which made it up. It was a large group, and when everyone showed up it was more than just a challenge to actually DM, it was impossible. Thankfully that rarely happened. The group makeup changed weekly, with people having varying schedules. This is the first group that we played after the Cataclysm. It was played in AD&D 2nd edition rules, before the introduction of the Players Options books. It was also based on the world of Terran. The group overall did nothing world shattering, but it did last a long time and those players who attended often became quite powerful. The most notable of these were Sir Lawkson and Trilthanas Highwing, who built the city Potpourri based from, and Conic Strongmind who founded the Technicolor Sashes (a group of psions and psibards). Nonamế was probably one of the more memorable characters, as she was our overly fun priestess to the goddess of fertility. But the one thing that Potpourri did which affected groups to come was it was the training ground for one of the most powerful characters in my campaign, Marcus Tribestan.

- Campaign Synopsis -