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"The Heroes"

1775 BE - 1699 BE

                       This legendary group of adventurers traveled together nearly two millennia before the rise of the Zokaran Empire. It is known of now only because of its tie to Calin Moonshadow, as anything he had a hand in was recorded in the libraries of Elvendar, and many of those writings are now also at the Crystal Spire Library at the EU in Elvaris on Terran.

            The elves of Elvandar were entering an isolationist period in their politics, but King Calin apparently wanted some line of information to get to him through the outside world. To help with this he went to an organization called the Adventurers Guild, where he sought out the five best to work for him personally. The first, Trevor McLeoud, was chosen because of his obvious leadership skills, as well as his elven heritage and sympathies towards the Elvaran kingdom. Trevor McLeoud was also a follower of the bladesinger philosophies, though he was more liberal in carrying out those tenants than the bladesingers of today. Second was Marshall Breydon, a dwarf of clan Breydon who was brought into the project because of his knowledge of tactics and his wisdom in battle. Marshall was honored to join, despite his advanced years, being nearly three centuries old when he joined up. Third was Nightshade, her true name known now to be Alora Starshine, an elven maid who was known for her mastery of intrusion and stealth skills, as well as a halflings sense of humor (loving practical jokes). Fourth, Forkin the firbolg, deadly in battle with his eight foot sword, King Calin originally brought him in with the hope that Forkin would bring knowledge of nature and a tie to the creatures of faerie, which firbolgs are known for, but Forkin was more militant minded than his kin, and did not support the role of nature guide, but more helped in the role of muscle fighting alongside Gromek the Slayer. Gromek is the fifth and last of the group, a barbarian from an unknown tribe, he was brought on purely as muscle for the group, his skill was known far and wide, and it was rumored that he once single handedly had slain a great wyrm red dragon, whose scales Gromek wore as proof of the deed.

            The Heroes traveled all over the world of Thallen, mostly on missions given from King Calin, sometimes on missions of their own, for several decades. The group, after many near death experiences (sometimes actual death experiences most likely), decided to slow down their wild ways. The group built a great city, known as McLeoud, which supposedly rivaled the Cunaxa of today, where they continued to adventure from, from time to time. Trevor McLeoud was the leader of the group, and so they honored him by naming the city after him. It was a multi racial community, dwarves, humans, halflings, elves and even a few gnomes living side by side. The military was organized by the brilliant mind of Marshall Breydon, and an internal intelligence network put into place by Nightshade, as well as a police system. Gromek and Forskin were generals, as well as symbols of strength to the people, though Gromek was now reaching middle age. The city of McLeoud was prosperous and times were good, Calin checked in from time to time, and a romance began between him and Nightshade, who was now calling her Alora. Years passed and life was good, the following decade a beginning of a golden age for the world of Thallen. Marshall Breydon continued to age, and when old age had finally begun to set in he chose to end his life on his own terms. He packed up all his old adventuring gear and slipped off into the night, after leaving letters to his old companions. They followed his trail into the mountains and found his bloodied body, grinning ear to ear with ax and shield in hand, lying next to the body of not one, but three red dragons, one of which a great wyrm bull. But the good times and golden age continued, Gromek celebrated his 60th birthday and all seemed good. Then it all fell down. The world trembled and shook. Mountains fell. Seas rose. Oceans drained. The entire world of Thallen was reformed it what was called The Great Cataclysm. Entire cities were destroyed and millions upon millions were killed. McLeoud City was dropped to the bottom of the ocean, and then raised back up an hour later to the top of a mountain. Elvendar suffered, though not as badly, being hit by earthquake after earthquake for a week on end. Alora was in Elvendar at the time, staying with Calin. Trevor, Gromek and Forskin were all in McLeoud City, along with the million others who called the city home, as well as thousands of others who were visiting. All save Trevor were killed when the city dropped to the ocean floor. Only Trevor McLeoud’s powerful magics preserved him from the sudden drop to the depths of the ocean. Even so, he would not of survived had Alora and Calin not found him, his body lying in almost peaceful repose on his bed as it slowly failed from trauma. He awoke in Elvendar and never returned to his namesake city, tomb of so many. He helped relocate and rebuild Elvendar, where he spent his remaining centuries as a general in King Calins army. Calin and Alora went on to be married, giving birth to twin sons Kelis and Calis. When Kelis came of age, Calin traveled on to the blessed isle with his wife Alora. Kelis took over as King of Elvaris where he still rules, though it appears he will soon be leaving on his own journey to the Blessed Isle. His only living heir is his granddaughter Aloria, who is being trained to take up the mantle of queen. Calis lived as a shooting star, bright but too short. He was a bladesinger who was killed saving a group of elven refugees after only two short centuries of life. It has been rumored that Calin and Alora had another child after, though no one agrees upon when. This is the rumor of Mystique. It is unknown still whether or not this is true, though Mystique De’Winter is a powerful Archmage who is still seen from time to time, and it was a spell created by her which saved the elven people on Terran during the Dark Age, when magic fell.

                On a little side note, elven historians and scientists now believe they know the cause of The Cataclysm. It is believed that the arrival of the world of Terran into the solar system upset the magnetic poles of Thallen, causing them to switch, which resulted in this calamity. It is truly unfortunate that when the ancient wizards of Terran chose to flee their own solar system, taking their planet with them, that they did not take any precautions for what would happen in the solar system they were moving to.