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"The Fource"

1989 - 1991


           (Calin Moonshadow)

            (Shadowvax “The Night Panther”)

            (Arlin Oakleaf)

           (Valerie Alaghandi) 

This group was really the first cohesive campaign we played, and the first to have an impact on other groups to come. Though I played and DMed for a few years previous to this group, none of those characters or games played in any set group or set campaign world. Until “The Fource” we would just mix and match campaign worlds and characters at random, playing in Greyhawk, Lance, The Realms, or just make one up. With this group I began the world of Thallen, and also I began my own campaign world.

This group was played in AD&D 2nd Edition rules, well before the introduction of the Players Options books. We also played a rotating DM, so that all four of us could play and DM. This is the only group I have ever played in, in my own campaign

- Campaign Synopsis -