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"The Fource"

2275 BE - 2185 BE

            The Fource was a group of four heroes who were brought together to fight a growing evil on their home world. The world of Thallen was threatened by a sinister force, known only as Darkstar. Unfortunately, not much remains from this ancient time period, as these battles took place more than 3500 years ago, and not even the acclaimed Crystal Library at the Elven University of Elvaris has much on that time period, especially on our neighboring planet Thallen.

            Here is a short summary of what are thought to be facts, given to us from the EU. The group was made up of a pair of elves and a pair of humans. The humans are not well known in elven history, though they did aid one of the elven peoples most renown folk heroes. The first, Shadowvax, also known as the night panther, was a rogue of questionable character, but unquestionable skill. There are few stories of him, but all references make him out to be truly a master of stealth.

            The second human, Arlin Oakleaf, was a druid of much renown. He was, and still is, the youngest known to ever achieve the rank of hierophant in the druid circle, attaining the rank at the age of only 17. He is also known for bringing the druids and the elves closer together. Until Arlin, the title of druid was a purely human rank and profession, and he opened the door for such racist barriers to be broken down. Little is known of how he achieved this momentous accomplishment, but it is known that his only apprentice was elven..

            Valerie Alaghandi was one of the Fource elves. She was a secretive enchantress, and little is known of her due to this. From some evidence though, it has been deduced by many historians that her powers were not purely derived from the magic weave. Many have speculated that she was in fact a psion of limited training, perhaps even a wild talent. This may also explain some of her secrecy, as psionics were not generally accepted during this time period

            Of Calin Moonshadow, the fourth of the Fource, much is known, but it is hard to separate fact from fiction as he is now nearly deified in elven lore. Perhaps the first of the bladesingers, he is an icon for that group of elves, in both tale and deed. He is credited with defeating Darkstar after a century of conflict, though we assume that the entire group was responsible for the victory. He is also credited with the liberating of many enslaved elves, who were victims of the sinister Darkstar. He also forged those newly freed elves into the kingdom now known as Elvendar, much like Ara Haran and the Kingdom of Elvaris today. He was also the founder of the group on Thallen who held peace and prosperity on that world until the great cataclysm, who were known only as The Heroes. And he was the father of the current king of Elvendar, King Kelis Starshine, and he is rumored also to be the father of the mysterious Mystique De’Winter, though that is not reliable information as she seems to have no ties to the royal elven family of Thallen.