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Late 1994


            (Razinon Nicholson)

            (Wild Card)

            (Sadira Tomaras)

            (Flint Gairloch)

            (Vonotar Zogarna)

           (Mystique De’Winter)


            (Aria Moon)

            This campaign was based on the world of Thallen, though it traveled to several other worlds, including the world of Terran. It was the first, and thus far only, campaign to have their base of operations not on a planet, but rather in outer space. It was played in Second Edition D&D rules, before the introduction of the Player’s Options books. We used the Spell Jammer campaign setting for rules on space faring.

            The group was named after the ship that they built and used as their main base. It was a massive ship, heavily armed and armored, but with very little maneuverability. It was modeled after the vicious land bound predator, the bullette, or land shark.

            The group had few major accomplishments, and its main hallmark is that it was the early adventuring ground for the legendary Mystique De’Winter, who still has a huge impact on campaigns today.

- Campaign Synopsis -