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775 BE - 753 BE

        Named after their ship, Bullette was a spacefaring group originally from the planet of Thallen. Sponsored by the elven king, Kelis Starshine, and accompanied by Mystique De’Winter, possibly the kings sister incognito, they built the Bullette and traveled the solar system of Thallen. (Also known as the Thallenian Sytem, this solar system actually is a binary star system which includes the planet of Terran.)

            Bullette was sponsored to join the search for the legendary Spelljammer, and though they never found it, they had many adventures in their search for it. Traveling deep space for two decades, they contacted the spacefaring elves of the Thallenian System, and brought the elven kingdom of Elvendar into the elven armadic alliance. This is the central government of all space faring elves, governed by a council of generals, devoted to the protection of all elven people, space or land bound. They are in an ongoing war with the dreaded Neogi, and are constantly at battle with the space going illithids and beholders. King Kelis, represented by his sister Mystique, and the rest of Bullette entered this alliance, offering support to the elven armada. This support includes volunteer military, food and equipment, and a large shipbuilding yard. In return Kelis was given a seat on the generals council, and is kept up to date on information through many solar systems. Today, Elvendar is one of the largest and most powerful nations in the elven alliance.

            Also during their time in space, Bullette helped to clear the Thallenian System of space pirates, including the clearing and commandeering of the Kobalt Asteroid, which once was the largest pirate outpost in the system, it now is a major base of the elven armada.

            The main goal of Bullette, though, was to find the Spelljammer, and that was always at the top of their minds. They traveled the galaxy on leads to where it might be. Finally, after what was nearing two decades of search, they found what seemed to be their best lead. On a remote jungle planet, in a very remote outlying system, there was a draconic artifact which was dated back to the last sighting of the legendary ship. After months of hardship and travel, Bullette stood at the entrance of the ancient draconic city of Hacreliest. In they went, looking for anything which might end their long quest to find the spelljammer, and that they found, though not as they would have liked.

            The city of the dragons was cursed, and under they control of a powerful archdracolich. After searching the ruins the group entered a huge treasure trove, and sitting upon it was the skeleton of the largest dragon any had ever seen. Assuming the dragon had perished with whatever had destroyed the city, the group began to gather the hoard and look for any information on the spelljammer.

            Aria Moon was the first to go, stepping near the skull of the dragon, she only had time for a short inhale of surprise when the empty sockets of the massive skull turned to orbs of electricity flashing over magma. She crumpled to the ground as the ancient lich devoured her soul as energy to reanimate itself. The following battle was long and brutal, and though they were weathered veterans of many combats, the companions of Bullette had never faced such a foe. Ringo was the next to fall, his body, mind and soul devoured by the draconic necromancer, and before the group could grab what loot they had gathered and retreat, Sadira Tomaras was also destroyed.

            With half their number destroyed forever, Bullette fled the dracolich and ran to their ship, but an undead dragon needs no air, and with the energy it had absorbed, and its anger of being woken and stolen from, it followed the ship into the atmosphere. The great Bullette fired all its weapons, Mystique was at the helm, being the groups most powerful spellcaster and therefore able to move the ship the fastest. They broke the confines of the atmosphere, but before Mystique could take the ship to faster than light speeds, a great CRUUUMPT was heard from the port rear portion of the ship. Then as the stars stretched into lines, the group felt the pressure of the ship dropping. Though the managed to seal of the ruptured portion of the ship, it was to late for Flint, who was ripped out of his gunnery station by the boney claws of the undead dragon.

            Traumatized by the loss of half their number, the group limped their beleaguered ship back to Thallen space, where they had repairs done and went over what they had found, aswell as talked about getting new recruits. The treasure was split between the remaining four, all except for one item. A small silverfish gem, cut like that of a diamond, radiated a powerful magic. None new what it did, and Mystique insisted that it be brought to Elvendar for study. Reluctantly the rest agreed, but no one noticed the gleam in Wild Card’s eyes as he watched the stone be put in Mystique’s quarters for the return trip to Elvendar.

            Wild Card was an accomplished thief, and to this day no one knows why he tried to steal the stone at night while Mystique was sleeping in her room, as opposed to waiting until Mystique was at the helm, but at night he tried. There is a reason why wise thieves never steal from wizards. As Mystiques wards were tripped and she awoke to a smoldering Wild Card standing over her, dagger in hand, she responded with instinct. A green bolt shot from her hands and hit Wild straight in the chest. He seemed to turn from inside to out, and then to crumple into a pile of dust as the disintegration bolt tore through him.

            Taking the stone from its storage place, Mystique found the other two remaining members, Vonotar and Razinon, and told them what had happened. This was the last straw though for the group. A fight broke out, each claiming that Mystique had killed a comrade, one who would never steal from his own friends. Rather than be forced to fight her only remaining comrades though, Mystique fled. A quick teleport was all it took to distance herself to her home city of Elvendar, and it was all it took to disband Bullette forever.

            The others sold the ship and retired, never looking for Mystique, and in return she never tried to contact them. It is not general knowledge what became of the silver stone, nor what it does, but Mystique still travels the worlds, most recently with Marcus Tribestan and Kazim Diamondfist, and she is known for the trademark silver diamond which is set above her eyes in the center of her forehead.