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"Arch Angel Wings"

Level: 4th Wiz/Sor
Components: VS
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Target: Creature touched
Duration: 6 hours +1 hour per level max 24hrs
Saving Throw: None
SR: No

This spells creates a pair of metal wings on the creature's back.  These wings are flexible like the wings of a bird or bat.  However, these wings are invulnerable to non magical attacks.  The Wings allow the creature to fly at "Flash Speed" and the ability to shoot a bladed feather at "Flash Speed" that automatically hits doing 1d12 points of damage to the opponent.  The wings have 2 bladed feathers +1 per caster level max at 30 feathers.  There are three positions for the wings, which can be adjusted by the creature: folded in, folded down, and fully spread out.  If the wings are folded in, the creature cannot use the abilities at all.  However, the wings are reduce to a bladed feather and can fazed into the creature's clothing.  Therefore the wings are undetectable by sight.  When the wings are folded down, the creature can use all the abilities except flying at "Flash Speed."  Lastly, when the wings are spread out, the creature can use all the wing's abilities.