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Empirical Calendar of Terran

            The most commonly used calendar on the world of Terran in modern times, is what is known as the Empirical Calendar. It is accepted and used by all bipedal, civilized races, and most dragon kind as well. When Terran was implanted in its current solar system, it was given an exact orbit which had exactly 24 hour days, with 32 days in a month, 3 months in a season and 4 seasons in a year. Each month is broken down into 4 eight-days, or weeks. The days of the week are appropriately labeled one-day through eight-day, though many cultures have given each individual day a unique name. The most popular of these is currently the Peloran Calendar, which has eight-day renamed as Sunday, in honor of the Sun God. The Months are also labeled one-month through twelve-month, though once again these are often renamed in individual cultures. The seasons are named as is found on all worlds we have encountered thus far (probably a coincidence worth looking into), spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has a holiday in most cultures, after the equinox or solstice, depending on the season. So, each year has 4 seasons, or twelve months, or 48 weeks, or 384 days, however you wish to view it. The new year is celebrated at the end of winter in the northern hemisphere, and at the end of summer in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, One-Month is the first month of spring in the north, or autumn in the south.

            The years of the Empirical Calendar are something of a misnomer. It begins with a logical assumption that A.E., which stands for After Empire, begins with the fall of the Zokaran Empire. This assumption is true. The year zero is known as the Fall of the Empire and that also is obvious in its naming reason. The misnomer comes in years before FE (or Fall of Empire). BE or Before Empire, is actually not before the Zokaran Empire, but rather, it is before the Fall of the empire. So the Zokaran Empire actually lasted from1410 BE until FE or year zero.

 * these are excerpts taken from elven historian, Torenn Whitewood’s, The Origin of Modern Times (published 1524 AE)