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"Tahr Group"

510 BE - 499 BE

            This group was nothing more than an information gathering and scouting group for Elvendar. It was based out of Highwing Hold, the elven outpost stationed where Potpourri city was, the same stronghold which was founded, and at this time led by Trilthanas Highwing of Potpourri.

            Led by the falconess, Elfina, this group traveled near the corrupt and crime ridden Potpourri City. Tahr was an alaghi, a yeti like creature known for there love of nature and fierce loyalties, if not their intelligence, he was the self appointed bodyguard of Elfina, to whom he referred to as “Pretty Lady” or “Lady” for short. The common tongue was difficult for him, as the native language of the alaghi is made up mostly of hoots, clicks, and whistles.

            In order to work so near, and within the corrupt city, Elfina took on two additional party members: the gnomish rogue, illusionist Moonsong, known for her quick wit and keen intelligence and Gordon Lightfinger, a warrior rogue who was a descendent of one of the Technicolor Sashes. The Technicolor Sashes were a group founded by Potpourri, intended to be a guild of psions, but after the death of its founder the group slowly disappeared.

            Tahr group did what they could to stabilize the floundering economy of Potpourri city, and they also helped to establish a working government. Though the city was doomed to fail in the end, the intervention of Elfina and the rest helped to delay the inevitable for several decades.