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245 AE - 275 AE

            On the world of Thallen, the elves outside of Elvendar were spread out, without any communication between small forest enclaves, mountain retreats or cities on the plains. Elves new little of one another, and most did not even know of the existence of Elvendar. King Kelis Starshine wanted this changed, wanted elves to have communication with one another, and wanted those in trouble to be able to call upon the aid of Elvendar if it was needed. King Kelis is a bladesinger, and these beliefs greatly influenced the politics of Elvendar.

            In order to answer this need he looked upon one of the foremost warriors in his military to create a base of operation near the main continent, Pallethas, and to begin the awareness of elves throughout the planet of Thallen. This warrior was Arianna Leige. Arianna began her mission for King Kelis, recruiting an elite group, and traveling to where ever elves may need a specialized military group. Included in this group was the war priest Kellen, her two squadmates from her days in the elven military, Calador and Resten, and a superb but eccentric archer Devin Dinasendar.

            Devin perhaps had the least interesting history of the group, that is, he didn’t have one. He couldn’t remember more than 20 years in the past, which as we know, is a short amount of time for an elf. All he could remember was a gray haze, like a deep fog, surrounding a black tower. The elves of Elvendar had found him drifting in the ocean, clinging to a piece of driftwood, nearly dead from exposure. Over the two decades of his recovery, Devin learned the bow and also earned himself the name “Swiftfoot”. He was one of the fleetest of foot in the entire elven military, and one of the best with a bow.

            Over their years adventuring, the group became an elite task force of the Elvendar military, given the name Onyx. They saved many elven enclaves throughout the world from disasters small and large, natural and supernatural. Eventually they set up a base of operations on an island off the south east coast of Pallethas. The island was strategically located near several of their allies, and was a direct naval rout to Elvendar. Over more years this island became populated by military and their families, merchants and ship makers, and refugees saved by Onyx’s exploits. Arianna then recognized the need for a government on her little isle, and King Kelis agreed with her. He appointed her the Marshall of Fallendar and gave her rank of general in the Elvaren military. Her rank in elven court now that of a Duchess, Arianna began the Isle of Fallendar and its mission to offer refuge to displaced elven people. Her companions Calador and Resten she appointed to positions in her military and government. To Devin she offered a similar position, but he declined, saying that he needed time to discover his history.

            Devin left shortly after the founding of Fallendar, on a personal self searching quest. He discovered much, including a vision of a black tower enshrouded in mist. Searching for the location of this vision, Devin left Onyx for several years, during this time Arianna built up her protectorate, building a capital city complete with a breathtaking castle. Also, she continued on her mission to help elves in need. Then, 4 years later, Devin returned, but not the Devin she had remembered. Cloaked in a long black robe, and with no bow in sight, Devin Dinesendar looked nothing like the archer of legend he had become. Rather, he leaned upon a long staff and his eyes seemed weary. Then he told his companion his tale:

            He had followed his vision, seeking the black tower, for months. Months turned into years and finally he found its location. On a planet, bordering their neighboring star, this tower stood out of a northern ice field, shrouded in mist. He prevailed upon King Kelis to transport him to this planet so that he might find if it had something to do with his lost memory. Before long, the tower stood before him, and once again he found himself walking into the mists. Visions flashed. He sees old companions he doesn’t even know, sees himself in a body he doesn’t recognize. His own hands were throwing fire and lightning, destroying armies with his own power. Then comprehension fell upon him like a wave of huge proportions. He was not Devin, he was Marcus, or both. Marcus Tribestan, Devin Dinasendar, they were separate, no, the same. Visions flooded, he remembered coming to the ancient tower because of the mystery it possessed, its ancient magic so powerful. But he had underestimated its power, or overestimated his own. He walked into the mist only to find that his wards and protections were not powerful enough to protect him. Worse, they had set off even more protections from the tower mist. His mind was attacked, then his body. There was a flash of white hot pain, then the black of oblivion.

            Then he woke up, under the care of elven healers. He didn’t know them. He didn’t know himself. He understood them, spoke their language, but it felt unnatural. Slowly he recovered, made a place for himself in the elven military, even excelled there. Then he was invited to join the special mission of Arianna Leige, and he had accepted.

            Now as he told Arianna, she could see what was truly different about his eyes. They weren’t the soft almond shape of an elf, they were oval. Devin had the eyes of a human. Devin was a human. Devin wasn’t even Devin anymore. While he retained all the memories of being Devin Dinasendar, he also retained the centuries of memories obtained as Marcus Tribestan. He was no longer Devin, but neither was he Marcus, he was both. But walking back into the mists had not only returned Marcus’s memories, it had also returned his body, that of a middle aged human, fit, but not militantly so.

            And so Devin, now Marcus, returned to Onyx. He was welcomed, though it was some time before all was truly comfortable again. He no longer carried a bow, now relying on his magical powers, those powers of the great Marcus Tribestan. After years of travel, he once again was a part of the group, and was the first non elf to be allowed in Elvendar, the first to be given the title of Elf Friend. He was also appointed the mage of Fallendar, a title he held until retiring many years later. Marcus later joined up to fight an enemy to all wizards in the north, and so he left Onyx and joined with other great mages to stop this anti magic organization. Later this group of wizards became known as the Lords of Magic.

            Arianna continues to rule in Fallendar with the aid of Resten Icestar and others, though recently she had to put down a rebellion which was created by drow conspirators. Truly unfortunately for Arianna, these conspirators were led by none other than her close friend and companion, Calador. Arianna and Resten killed their most trusted companion together, has he lead a drow raiding party into Arianna’s castle. It is still unknown why he did it, but the most common theory is he was compelled by greed. Large stashes of gold and jewels were found in a private hold in his estates after the rebellion.