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"Knights of Oceanna"

1996 - 1997


           (Transon Lightfellow)




            This group traveled between Thallen and Terran, though its base of operations was actually located in an air pocket on the inner elemental plane of water. A beginning for us in planar travel, we began using rules from Planescape. This campaign was played in 2nd edition rules before the introduction of Player’s Options.

            This group was just intending to be a normal, non planar group of elves and a human. It all took a fun twist when they stumbled upon the shrine of an ancient and forgotten goddess, and they decided to help her return from obscurity. They became her champions, traveling between planes and planets, becoming shapeshifters and allying with many good aligned people of different worlds. These alliances included the sea elves of Elverdein on Terran; Elvendar, Fallindar and Sorlestia on Thallen, and several worlds outside of Thallenian Space.

- Campaign Synopsis -