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The "Inn" Group

Mid 1996-Late 1996


          (Geo Gioni)

            (Kazim Diamondfist)

           (Bolgar the Chef)

            (Sir Gavalain)

            Played on the continent of Pallethas on the planet of Thallen, The “Inn” Group was played in Hawaii in Volcano. This game was played in 2nd Edition Rules, before the introduction of the Player’s Options books.

            This groups main goal was to take down a sinister magic expansionalist empire, known as the Confederation of Magic, or, more simply, The Com. This was the early adventuring group for Kazim Diamondfist. Another major accomplishment of this group was the construction of The Inn, located in the large city of Crestall. Also, this campaign brought about the introduction of probably my most popular NPC, Lanseril Lightmantle, richest man in the solar system, founder and ceo of Lanseril’s Crystal Emporium, known to adventurer’s far and wide simply as Lanseril’s Crystal.

            Also, this campaign brought about that great culinary treat, renown far and wide, the GeoKaz Sweetness. Dreamed up by Geo and Kazim, with technical support by Bolgar the Chef, Geokaz Sweetness is the most popular and sought after beverage on the world of Thallen. A soft, chocolaty liquor, it is a superb beverage served warmed or over ice. Please place orders today, only 275 gold pieces a bottle, through Lanseril’s Crystal™.

- Campaign Synopsis -