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"The Fall of Magic"

Dec 2001 - July 2002


            (Saint Sir Lawrence Olivia and Michael Damien "DOC")


            (Nadalis and Quillian)

With the stakes very high and the time very valuable, when it came down the to bitter end everything seemed a bit rushed and hurried. The lines got a little blurry about who adventured with who. Lawrence never was with Accrux or Doc, and Nadalis never went out with Quillian (Except for the final battle against Asmodean). Other than that, some gaming sessions saw many combinations of two or three characters. Some of these characters were from the Damned group and some were misfits, but when crunch time came, the cream rose to the top to complete the final objectives without everyone else.  All of these sessions were held up on the south end of Ft. Collins. And with characters with the power and means such as these sometimes not a battle was played out or a dice rolled. 

- Campaign Synopsis -