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"Black Arrow"

200 BE - 195 BE

             Black Arrow was a privateer group of adventurers hired on by a rebellious duke to help overthrow a tyrannical king. Originally just a hodgepodge group of adventurers whose only claim to fame was the find of a powerful magic arrow, they became well known as rebels and saviors of the common people.

            Always in the thickest fighting of the rebellion, Black Arrow became the elite group in the dukeís army. But even with the heroes, the dukes forces were badly outnumbered and outmatched. Finally, after the battle of Corbin, the Dukes army was routed and the path was clear for the corrupt king to put down the rebellion by marching his army through to the dukes stronghold and crushing the heart of the resistance. Only Black Arrow stood between the King and final victory.

            So, what do you do when an army of fifteen hundred comes marching through the forest of your soon to be crushed lord? Tell a story, of course, and thatís what they did. Going from hamlet to village to farmstead, Black Arrow traveled just days ahead of the approaching force, filling the town folk with a tale of the dreaded Thasmudjin and how it would pierce your heart and drain your blood then leave your lifeless body for someone to find, without a trace of how it got there. Then, the group of heroes began to strike at the army in the dead of night, sneaking in close enough so that Galleon and his Black Arrow could work their magic.

            The power of the black arrow was that when shot from a bow it always hit, it ignored armor, passing through as though none was worn, and even defied magical defenses. In addition, after it hit, it would teleport back to the bow which shot it. Thus, it left a large piercing wound in the body of its victim, but would disappear without a trace. After only three nights of terrorism from the black arrow, over 50 men had died to the mysterious wounds. Thatís when whispers of the Thasmudjin could be heard coming from the camp of the invading army. Less than a weeks march from the Dukes stronghold, the kings forces, demoralized by the imaginary monster, and having several hundred casualties, broke and fled into the country side. Black Arrow pursued the kings own force until it too broke and fled back to the capital city. Then they returned to the duke and helped form an army to take the weakened king.

            The coup was successful, and Black Arrow retired, many staying on as members of the new government. Pandora and Galleon returned to Elvaris and Pandora continued adventuring.