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"Bay of Mauls"

1330 BE - 1333 BE

          The Bay of Mauls group started with great ambition and ability to accomplish great things. They left their mark upon the history books of Terran, but they never reached their full potential. The group began with rumors and rumblings of upheaval in the skies (3rd edition). One god was determine to steal power from another resulting in the slaughter of many many pacifist priests. Rumored behind the violence was none other then Soren, the blade singer gone awol. The group started small, defeating kolbolds and the like, with the intention of oneday hunting Soren and bringing him to justice. Demetrious very much was both the strength and the weakness of the group. He destroyed all other enimies but allowed the group to rely on him a little too much. Demetrius held more power by himself than the other three core members of the group combined.  Beaumastair had promise to be a talented mage along with the aid of his elven counterpart Orea Shadowins the blind shadow mage. Gabriel Silverleaf proved himself a worthy ranger with skill at the sword and mastery of the elementals. The druid showed his own skill, but we may never know if he ever found a seat at the druid council or whatever. 

    The group defeated the evil Illit and his apprentice on the island in the bay of Mauls where they established their own stronghold and bladesinging outpost. After defeating the aprentice once, the group heard rumors contact between Illit and rogue blade singer. Upon attempting to breach the castle on the island, the group was imprisoned in the slave pits of Keltesar where they fought as "Puck and the faries" (Beaumastair was the lone human among three other elves). After a few days of slavepit battles they were rescued by an agent of Freah (who monitered the slave pits vowing to free elven slaves). Then with the aid of items provided by Khilock (magic absobing potions) they were able to survive the ill-tempered castle and bring Illit before the spell-weaver council where  he was convicted of many crimes and douly punished. In celebration of their freedom the group headed to Paradisle Isle for some gambling and duleing. Demetruis deuled none other than Blaze the personal bodyguard of Freah, and enjoyed the official buttwhooping. Demetrious retured to Keltesar, disguised as Illit and freed Illits other slaves many of whom retured with the heroes to the Island amidst the Bay of Mauls. One such notable slave was none other than Otek, who whence forth ran the inn on the island serving the Terran famous "Otek's Potatoes." Kazeem the cryptic monk, who adventured with the heroes of sundale was freed by the group.

    Looking for a new challenge the grop set off to tradewinds to peruse the job board. Oddly enough a silver dragon was requesting help from a group of cloud giants who had taken over her lair. Utilizing the divide and conquer method the group waited for pairs of the giants to head out on parties. Upon meeting the first two Beaumastair destroyed one with one lance of disruption. Upon meeting the second two, once again the mage's lance of disruption took care of one. The last two, destroyed the three defensless members of the group with a chain lightning while demetrious was an ooze "oozing" his way up thier back.

    After another blade singer tattoo party the group perused the board and one mission looked promising for a variety of reasons. Following the contact list they finally had to talk to none other than Khilock. Khilock told them of Mt. Olympia, a former residence of the evil Zocara. Since the sunsetters (who lost the necromancer stone to Asmodean there so long ago), all other attempts (26) to breach and explore the castle have failed. Unable to pass the moat and the stone with a magical pulse that turns invaders to stone, the group called upon the aid of Freah.

    Exploring the castle the group met Thomas guarding a room full of treasure since the fall of Zocara. Thomas was a very powerful general once under the control of the necromenacer stone. He provided insight that the stone is intelligent and evil. Thomas proposed the group could keep all in the room besides all that he could carry, if they released him and the castle from its powerful magic. After careful deliberation about a powerful ally or a powerful vampiric foe, the group sought the aid of the spell-weaver council and released Mt. olympia from its magic. Thomas stacked three chests high and carried them all out and began rebuilding the city of Olympia (Thomas later aided nadalis and Accrux in their conquest of Amodean).

    With their newfound confidence and abilities, the group undertook another mission: to save a juvinle dragon from the slave pits. The group entered themselves in the tournament with the hopes that the would make it to the finals and face off vs the dragon and escape then. Before they made it to the finals, they located the pen where the dragon was held and snuck in underground and escaped through a series of teleports (so as not to be caught through trace teleports).

    The group then aided their wizard friend from Hilldar, Marius, in ridding his town from an evil disease. Evil priests were using the sewer system as a way to spread disease and sickness to the people of the town. The adventurers disposed of the priests but not before Demetrious learned the power of "Harm" and the phrase, "I let them hit me," (he just learned kinetic control and was eager to use the new power).

    Their last known adventure was save the ancient unknown elven town of Maladar from certain destruction. While back on their task of looking for the dreaded Soren, the group stumbled upon an entrance to the underdark with recent tracks leading from it. After finally catching up with the the drow raiding party, they found themselves minutes from the start of onslaught of the drow upon the town. In the midst of the meteor swarms raining down, the group engaged the drow, but drow remtained the upper hand. Oreara Shadowins requested help from the Spell Weaver council and Gabriel wished for all those involved in the fight to be teleported outside his training grouds in the Bremen marsh outside the elven outpost sey up by none other than Jacob Trollfinger. Because the racket was loud enough to alert those inside, Jacob led the charge to aid the adventures in defeat of the drow. All drow perished except one wizard who tucked tail and ran. With the help of the spell weaver council most of Maladar was slvaged and then moved to Elvaris. Then town suffered few causualities. Two of the deceased were the parents of Nadalis, who later set out on his own to "discover" his own talents and revenge their death but found other things far worse.

    From then on out the adventurers seemed pretty content and kept to themselves on their island with a bladsinger outpost in the Bay of Mauls. Rumors of great potatoes spread far and wide, resulting in many visitors because of Otek and his great potatoes. Khilock tried to by the recipie off the old man, but Demetrious, and Beaumastair would have none of it.

- But they never captured Sorn

Notable NPC's include: Freya, Kylock Garon, Blaze, Marius, Thomas, Jacob Trollfinger