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"The Outsiders"

November 2004 - Present


            Jeremy Cassidy-Cernanec "Lost Brain" - Kevros 'Dawnstalker' Trickfoot, Halfling Druid

            David Champlin "Lost Legacy" - Dactyl Quinn, Halfling Rogue

            Robin Ambrozic - Beau Goodhill, Halfling Monk

            Niki Givens "Lost Star" - Casseopia Galmetio, Human Sorceress Evoker

            Chris Holmes - Eärendur ar-Feiniel, Elf Ranger


Hired originally by Lord Jessep of Valtain Bay, this crew of mismatched adventurers fit ideally the necessity of a crew of unbiased specialists necessary for a sensitive mission. But can they overcome their own diversity to band together and accomplish the goals set before them?

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