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Second Edition Spelljammer: description of Krynnspace

The world of Krynn is the home of the Dragonlance campaign, a romantic fantasy setting. Spelljammer, a fantasy space setting, is the campaign that allows characters to travel from world to world through the endless void. So, Krynnspace is the Spelljammer setting where the world of Krynn resides, allowing characters to travel between it and other worlds.

But wait! There's far more to Krynnspace than just the world of Krynn! A number of other worlds and moons thrive with fantastic creatures and intricate mysteries! And there's more! The mystical Stellar Islands, the vanishing planet Nehzmyth and the Black Clouds all provide sources for adventure!

For 3rd Edition supplements for Krynnspace, players and DM's are encouraged to go to Beyond the Moons (, the official Spelljammer site, and The Dragonlance Nexus (, the official Dragonlance site.