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The History of Aris


3407 BSE - Ayamees, the first Sorcerer King rises to power.

3398 BSE - The city-state of Kellis is founded.

2548? BSE - First accounts of elven settlements in the Emerald Wood.

1509 BSE - King Sivok III is born.

1483 BSE - Sivok proclaims that magic is the sole dominion of the Sorcerer Kings. Magic is regulated by the state.

1437 BSE - Sivok ascends to lichdom.

1404 BSE - Azure Dynas Dor is born.

1371 BSE - Azure secretly founds the Conclave of Wizards in defiance of Sivok.

1359 BSE - Sturmberg Tower is constructed using the Art.

1352 BSE - The Conclave defeats Sivok in the War of Staves. Magic is freed.

1325 BSE - Azure Dynas Dor disappears during a magical experiment. He is presumed dead and a monument is built to him in the Kilkanas Mountains.

456 BSE - The last Sorcerer King, Abdulan II establishes a democratic, free society.

6 BSE - Barbarians from the north invade and cease or raise settlements near the Kilkanas Mountains. Kellis responds with military aid. The War of Ice begins.

0 YSE - A dabbler in the magic arts attempts to use the Kellis stone, a powerful conjuration artifact to defend Kellis from the barbarian siege. He loses control of the stone and a magical explosion destroys the city of Kellis and decimates the surrounding land. The magical fires are said to have burned the forests surrounding Kellis for months until nothing but ash remained. Unknown to the inhabitants of Aris, at the heart of the explosion the fabric of the planes was torn apart and a gate to the Nine Hells of Baator is opened.

3 YSE - The Conclave establishes the Test to prevent a second tragedy like the one at Kellis. Apprentice magic users must complete the test before reaching mage status. 

8 YSE - Kordian Narr is founded.

15 YSE - The 1st Hell War begins when fiendish armies pour from the ruins of Kellis.

184 YSE - The 2nd Hell War begins. Kordian Narr is destroyed and later re-built. The elves flee the elf home of Solistran and begin the Elven Exile. The Order of the Chalice, an elite band of fiendslayers, is established.

363 YSE - The 3rd Hell War begins. A permanent gate to the Nine Hells of Baator is discovered at the ruins of Kellis.

365 YSE - The dimensional gate at Kellis is deemed “unclosable” by the Conclave. A great fortress city is founded on the ruins of Kellis to guard the gate. This city becomes known as Hell’s Gate.

366 YSE - The Elven Exile ends when the elves return to the Emerald Wood to rebuild.

387 YSE - The port of Sterling City is founded.

533 YSE - Ashardalon appears and ravages the countryside.

789 YSE - The mighty druid known as Dydd was thought to have killed Ashardalon. It was later discovered that the great wyrm survived the encounter.

841 YSE - The city-state of Lyruleth is founded.

851 YSE - The Cult of Ashardalon is founded by Gulthias.

1051 YSE - The Ogre Wars

1404 YSE - Haven is founded.

1584 YSE - The nation of Beholder Island is founded. The Church of Rushmoore is founded at Nightfang Spire. Vincent of Fox Glen is the first sorcerer to gain a seat on the Circle of Eight, the ruling council of the Conclave.

1585 YSE - The Plague of Innocents begins.

1589 YSE - Lord Hennet, champion of Rushmoore, High Priestess Valdess, and companions thwart a plan by Gulthias to cause a war between Lyruleth and Beholder Island.

1590 YSE -  Vincent of Fox Glen, High Priestess Valdess, Lord Hennet, Fvoltig, master of arrows, Rurik “Tank” Holderhek, Liftrasa Holderhek, Avenal the Ranger, Nicktosh of  Moradin’s Hammer, and the last descendent of Dydd: Arlanna of the Wilds discover Ashardalon still endures on the positive energy plane. Ashardalon’s presence in the Bastion of Unborn Souls is the cause of the Plague of Innocents. The great wyrm is destroyed by the 9 companions.