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Aris System



            Aris is the fourth planet in the Pel system. The word “pel” comes from Ancient Elven dialect and means “radiance” in the common tongue. Therefore, when worship of the sun deity was adapted by the Ancient Elves, they called him “Pelor,” meaning literally, “master of radiance.” Aris has two moons: Aquia, the blue moon, and Dester, the red moon. Aris has a circumference of roughly 25,000 miles. Its axis is inclined 19.5 degrees, creating mild seasonal changes in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Aris has a wide variety of terrain including mountains, tropical forests, temperate forests, tundra, swamps, plains and deserts. It also has vast oceans and subterranean caverns.

            Aris supports a wide variety of both natural and monstrous ecosystems. While the intricacies of the ecosystems are too complex to go into in this summary, if the reader is so inclined, Selcar Elwyn Laurl’s Treatise on the Origin, Development, and Interaction of Species both Magical and Natural contains a very thorough analysis of the ecology across the planet.